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Our Belgian Waffles are ready to eat but you can also heat them a few seconds in the microwave to enjoy them warm.

  • 15 seconds in the microwave with packaging at full power
  • Or 60 seconds in the oven preheated at 250 ºC
  • Each waffle package includes a chocolate cream sachet so can enjoy it with this delicious topping.
  • Enjoy your waffles at home the easy and quickest way.


Purchase your BWaffles! now from the comfort of your couch the easy and quickest way.

Treat yourself with the pleasure of eating waffles.

Don´t be fooled by others, the original Belgian Liege waffles have some particular characteristics which make them unique and very special.

Now you can taste the real flavor of Belgian waffles from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you want.

Our waffle contains the characteristic sugar pearls inside which gives them a caramelized touch making them unique and special. Each bite will feel like an explosion of sweetness.

Our delicious Belgian waffles are made out from a spongy and soft waffle dough ball and produced the highest quality ingredients.

Among our high quality ingredients you can find the vanilla which gives the Belgian waffle that special and characteristic flavor. No one can resist the temptation!


The authentic Belgian waffles.

There is a lot of types of waffles in the world: the Belgian waffles, the American waffles, Hong Kong waffles and they are all different from each other, each type has its own and special characteristics. Our waffle variety inherits its name from the Belgian city “Liège” thanks to a chef from the actual Liège Principality. This type of waffle is made out from a spongy dough ball which includes vanilla and vegetable margarine among other ingredients. Unlike the classic Belgian “Bruxelles” waffles, the Liege waffles are sweeter and have a more dense and moist texture in a reduced size. They also contain sugar pearls giving the waffle a delicious and caramelized flavor, Our waffles are always crunchy!

The waffles, as we know them today, are originally from Belgium but there are also proofs form ancient Greece of a particular way of cooking wheat dough balls between two warm metal plates. Back in 1789, the American Thomas Jefferson brought to Europe the first waffle iron maker with the peculiar grid design that gives the waffle the particular shape we all know but it wasn´t until 1960 when the Belgian Maurici Vermersh, presented the product to the public in the Universal Exhibition, he suggested a presentation of the waffle with a whipped cream and chocolate topping. The success was so huge that 4 years later, he decided to expand it all over the country in the 1964´s New York´s World fair. This way of eating waffles was rapidly expanded under the “Belgian waffle” name and it quickly became worldwide famous.

Waffles are usually served warm, but if you are in Belgium it is something very common to see them in different street stalls so people can eat them with their favorite topping while having a walk around the city.

Our waffles are golden and crunchy on the outside and soft and spongy on the inside, filled with the characteristic sugar pearls that you will taste in every bite.

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